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Whether you’re a business in Worcestershire, growing startup or an established corporation with a global presence, Nectar HR is here to offer you the expert HR support essential for your success. Our team of seasoned HR consultants possesses an in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges businesses in Worcestershire encounter. We are dedicated to providing you with custom-tailored solutions designed to help you attain and exceed your HR objectives.

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With Nectar HR’s comprehensive HR services, you can navigate the complexities of human resources while ensuring compliance, productivity, and a harmonious workplace. Your success is our priority, and we are here to support your organization in achieving its HR objectives.

How we can help you

We provide advice and guidance on various HR areas, including:
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Absence Management

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Competency Framework


Diversity and Equality


Employee Engagement

Flexible Working

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Disciplinary and Grievance


Maternity and Parental Rights


Performance Management



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Training and Development

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We offer a wide range of HR services, including:

  • Absence Management Dealing with a member of staff who is off long term can be difficult and time-consuming. We can help you to manage their absence in a compliant and supportive way, and we can also provide you with training to help you to prevent absenteeism in the first place.

  • Training and Development Investing in employee training and development is essential for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition. We can help you to identify your training needs, develop training programs, and deliver training courses that are tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is not just a moral imperative, it’s also good for business. We can help you to develop and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives that will make your workplace more welcoming and productive for everyone.

  • Employee Engagement Engaged employees are more productive, more creative, and more likely to stay with your company. We can help you to measure employee engagement, identify the factors that are affecting engagement, and develop strategies to improve it.

  • Flexible Working Flexible working is a statutory right for employees who meet the required criteria. We can help you to develop and implement flexible working policies that will benefit both you and your employees.

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues can be a minefield. We can provide you with advice and support to help you to resolve these issues fairly and effectively.

  • Maternity and Parental Rights Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes, and one size does not always fit all. We can help you to understand and comply with maternity and parental rights legislation, and we can also provide you with support to help you to manage your workforce during a maternity or parental leave period.

  • Performance Management It can be difficult when you have an employee who is just not performing. We can help you to identify the root cause of the problem, develop a performance improvement plan, and track the employee’s progress.

  • Recruitment We are not a recruitment agency, but we can provide you with advice and support on all aspects of recruitment, from writing job descriptions to conducting interviews.

  • Brexit and employing from overseas The rules around employing people from overseas have changed significantly since Brexit. We can help you to understand the new rules and ensure that you are compliant.

  • Restructuring Making changes to your headcount, or even just making changes to some job roles, can be a complex and challenging process. We can help you to plan and implement your restructuring in a way that is fair to both your employees and your business.

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