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Providing a truly personalised ‘human’ service which is an aspect of HR often forgotten about.

Missions and Values

Putting the human back into human resources

Many companies give out the same templated handbooks across their entire client base, no matter how different their industries are, and this isn’t how HR should be conducted.

We will never provide anyone with the same contract of employment, company handbook or any other HR product or service. We get to know the company, their culture and what’s most important to them as a business. We aren’t a faceless call centre for HR support. We build great relationships with all our clients, many of whom we’d consider friends.

All of our staff have unique personalities, and we implore them to showcase them, as that’s how great relationships are built. We take a genuine interest in our clients; both the company itself as well as the employees and their lives, and this is what sets us apart from other HR companies. Our client retention is excellent, and we believe that’s down to this company ethos.

Working with companies who really want to get their HR right

We are all incredibly passionate about what we do at Nectar HR. What drives us is working with businesses who really want to get their HR right and create the most optimal working environment for their employees, which aligns with their own goals, mission, and values.

In the past, we’ve come across companies who have been a little sceptical about the value HR services can add to their organisation. With our expert guidance and knowledge, they have been supported to access the right HR services for their organisation and the journey has not only been rewarding but in almost every case, saved on a costly situation later down the line.

We want to help businesses truly optimise the people-side of their organisation and create a happy, productive, and fulfilled workforce. 

Preventing costly HR issues for our clients

When companies get their HR wrong, large sums of money can be lost. There’s a very high risk associated when going down the route of tribunal, and we regularly see companies being asked to pay fines from £20,000 to £50,000 and in some cases, costs awarded are even higher. A fraction of that cost could have been spent on ensuring that the HR of the organisation was in better shape, and these monumental losses could have been avoided.

 One of the biggest buzzes to the Nectar HR team is when a client says to us, “we really wish that we’d come to you sooner.” That statement is music to our ears as it’s effectively a seal of approval that we are doing our job right and that we have positively affected employees lives, and the future fortunes of an organisation.

Providing tailor-made, honest HR solutions

At Nectar HR, we pride ourselves on being generalists who provide tailor-made HR solutions. We operate with a totally open and honest relationship with all our clients. We won’t tell you that you need something when you don’t… even if that includes us. We won’t keep taking money from you when you no longer require the same level of service from us. If a company is big enough, we will help them recruit an in-house HR department and serve as the distant hand-holder if any sticky situations arise. Our clients trust us with the advice we give because they know that we are genuine.

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