The Institute of Health & Social Care Management occasionally bestows professional honours on members who, in the view of the advisory committee and directors of the Institute, have made exceptionally significant contributions to the work, activity, and visibility of the Institute.

We are thrilled that Sonia Rai, founder of Nectar HR has been granted an IHSCM Fellowship in recognition of her extraordinary dedication, time, and effort towards the HR events conducted on behalf of the IHSCM.

The award of a Fellowship demonstrates to all members (and to external observers) that you have consistently upheld the Institute’s values and objectives while providing full support and encouragement for IHSCM members’ growth. The right to use the post-nominal letters ‘FIHSCM’ is permitted immediately and without a time limit.

As this type of fellowships are not given out lightly or often we are very excited and proud of Sonia to be awarded this.