Tags – Things Managers Should Do When COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

As we hope for a brighter 2021 and lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, employees who are returning to work will be faced with a new set of changes.

For some, change can be difficult to adapt to, and so managers must offer support to help make this transition an easy one.

Here are the top 5 things managers should do when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

1. Book a Face to Face Meeting

Now more than ever, we are living through an age of digital communication – the pandemic forced us to move our meetings online, using platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

However, face to face meetings are still important – especially those that are well planned and structured; research reveals that out of 200 employees, 64% value collaborating in person rather than via a video call.

Not to mention, face to face meetings are important to enhance relationships, build trust and maintain loyalty; because as humans, we naturally want to interact with the people we are spending a lot of time with.

Consequently, with virtual meetings you cannot portray your body language as you would in person, which is why it’s a good idea to schedule face to face meetings with your team for natural interactions and clearer communication.

2. Arrange a Team Building Activity

When a team that’s used to seeing each other every day is split across locations, it can negatively impact on team morale.

As such, managers should look at ways to arrange a team building activity to lift spirits and strengthen relationships.

At the end of the day, employees are the core to any business, and if they’re happy, they’ll perform better in their roles.

Some benefits of team building activities include improved communication, development of collaborative skills, motivation and a boost in productivity.

3. Bonus Time Off on June 21st

June 21st 2020 was a dreaded day for everyone.

Managers should consider offering this day as a bonus day off for employees to reflect, be thankful and spend time with loved ones (for some, this date marked the beginning of isolation).

And, it’s actually been found that giving bonus days off is good for employee retention as well as a boost in productivity – because a bonus day off makes employees undeniably happy, therefore benefiting the business overall.

4. Celebrate Christmas (Late or Early)

Despite living in a society that is diverse than ever before, Christmas at work dominates every other cultural celebration throughout the year. 

Usually, as soon as December hits, the tinsel and baubles are out! And we can all feel the festive cheer.

However, the pandemic meant our usual celebrations were either done through virtual parties or not celebrated at all.

So, why not bring back that good spirit and celebrate Christmas early this year (or have a late celebration to make up for last year), and prove to employees that COVID-19 has not destroyed your business’s culture.

5. Communicate is Key 

Clear communication is key to keeping your employees in the loop during a time of uncertainty and change.

With this in mind, managers must ensure all employees understand and are comfortable with what’s going on to make this a successful transition.

Also, it’s important to understand that not everyone will be enthusiastic about returning, and you shouldn’t discriminate if someone feels uncomfortable with plans.

As such, ensure the returning to work process is transparent and make it clear when announcements will be made.

In other words, invest time into open and compassionate conversations and accept there will be some form of emotional impact as a result of the pandemic.

Final Remarks

Ultimately, this is a new time for everyone and both managers and employees need to adapt to a new normal.

However, as a manager, you want your team’s morale to be kept high and positive so try out these things above to boost productivity within the business.

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