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As we move deeper into the summer months and the weather gets warmer, let’s face it – the last thing your employees want is to be at work.

With the UK already experiencing a heat wave, the hottest is still yet to come as the summer continues.

An uncomfortable work environment is not the best motivator and you could be putting your staff’s health at risk if they become too hot and dehydrated.

Yes, we cannot control the weather – if only!

But, there are certain things you can do to keep your staff cool and happy during warm weather. Check out these 7 steps:

1. Eat and Drink Properly

First things first, you’ll want to ensure all teams are properly hydrated during the summer.

Actually, health professionals recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water a day to reduce the risk of  dehydration.

During the summer, this should be more – especially if your employees are exposed to sunlight or working outside.

Of course, this is each individual’s responsibility, however you can run an internal campaign about the importance of staying hydrated and invest into water dispensers to encourage them to drink more.

Alongside this, eating a healthy substantial lunch should also be promoted within the business – working on an empty stomach on a normal day can increase the likelihood of fatigue, let alone during the sweltering heat.

Moreover, does your business have the facilities for staff to store their lunch and drinks?

If not, it would be a good idea to invest into these – because who wants to eat a sweaty cheese sandwich on a hot day!

2. Relaxed Dress Code

Enforcing a strict dress code during the summer can be difficult, because if there is no flexibility when the weather warms up – be aware your staff will not be happy!

Therefore, why not relax the dress code during warmer weather months, in an effort to prioritise employees’ health and productivity.

Consequently, if your staff feels uncomfortable, it will only result in them feeling restless and finding it difficult to concentrate, which can potentially have a knock on effect on the rest of the team’s morale.

Moreover, having a relaxed dress code in the summer will help build positive relationships with your team as you’re demonstrating your empathy towards them.

3. Regular Welfare Check-Ins

Not everyone will enjoy the sun and for some, it may place additional stress on their health.

For instance, pregnancy or those going through menopause may need extra support during the summer.

As such, schedule in regular check-ins with all team members to check how they are coping with the heat to see if there are any changes you can make in the working environment to make them feel more comfortable and thus keep productivity levels high.

4. Turn the Lights Off and Open the Windows

As the sun brings in beautiful, natural daylight, it’s wise to turn off all unnecessary lights – especially if you have a lot of windows.

Unfortunately, artificial light generates heat which will only add to the temperature, especially inside a top floor office.

Not to mention, the few added degrees from in monitors and other electrical devices.

5. Extra Equipment 

There is no maximum workplace temperature set in UK legislation.

But, health and safety laws do advise temperatures should remain reasonable, depending on the working environment – working in an indoor office environment will have higher temperatures than physical outdoor jobs.

In regards to the office then, to ensure staff feel comfortable, review the temperature inside as it stands and check to see if air conditioning systems are functioning properly.

In addition, evaluate individual measures and consider purchasing additional desk fans where necessary.

6. Keep Things Fun

I’m sure we can agree, everyone loves an ice lolly or ice cream, especially when it’s super hot outside.

However, you could make this fun by having dedicated days to certain treats.

For example, Magnum Mondays, Twister Tuesdays or Strawberry Split Saturdays for weekend workers and so forth.

Consider keeping the freezer stocked with cold goodies to keep staff motivated during a heatwave.

7. Don’t Compromise with PPE

Unfortunately, employers cannot compromise on PPE – even in the summer.

If safety allows, consider allowing employers to wear sandals or flip-flops to work.

Bear in mind though, in some environments this can create a health and safety hazard.

As such, removing PPE is not an option – instead in the warm weather consider giving extra breaks for staff to cool off. 

The Final Word

Ultimately, keeping your staff cool is an emotionally intelligent thing to do, because if they’re happy during the warm weather, then it’s likely they will remain productive and work to their potential.

At the same time, as an employer you’re responsible for the health and safety of your workforce. 

Moreover, implementing these steps above will show your staff you really do care and value them as you’re creating a more comfortable environment.

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